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Product Description

Designed to give you the comfort of home in a sea environment, Yacht Mattress allows you to experience luxury comfort with the practical details you need to use at sea
Mattresses are entirely made of foam and are handmade, therefore they are produced to the highest quality and detail for custom sizes and designs. With its nonflammable foam and fabric, it provides a safe sleep.

  •   Fire Retardant
  •   Full Orthopaedic
  •   Off-size Manufacturing
  •   2-40 cm thickness
  •   2 Years Warranty
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Type HR foam, Vısco Foam
Foam HR foam, Vısco Foam
PUR foam density 65 kg/m3 Visco,
Standard cover Woven fabric of 31%Viscose, %4 Silk and 65% Pes
Color White
Fire retardant Yes
Safety tested Yes